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Dollar Club

Dollar Club at Pleasant Hill Christian Church in Jasper, GA

Here's how it works

  • A donation box at the entry to the sanctuary gives everyone the opportunity to give a dollar. 

  • These dollars will be pulled together and used to meet the needs of our friends and neighbors.

  • This can be a good way for parents to teach their children to show love to others by donating.

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How the money is used

Sometimes people have a need for which just a little bit of help could make a big difference.  

Maybe you have a neighbor who cannot afford a car seat, a student who needs school supplies, or a co-worker who needs help filling a prescription.

You may know the need but not have the resources to help. 

That’s where the Dollar Club may be able to step in and help you meet the need.

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Make a request

If you have a need or know of a need, you can click below to fill out a request form. This form will be forwarded to a team of volunteers who keep track of our Dollar Club resources, pray for every request, and allocate resources. 


  • How do I give my dollar? You can designate it on your in-person giving, online, or use the “Love Where You Live” stand in our foyer. 

  • Am I expected to give to the Dollar Club? No, this is all on a voluntary basis.

  • Can I give more than a dollar?  Of course! 

  • Will every request be approved? The Dollar Club team will approve as many requests as they can.  While this team wants to help you to help others, they also will be good stewards of all resources that have been given. There may be times that the team redirects the need to other community groups who may be able to help.

  • Does this replace our benevolence ministry? No, our benevolence team has a different focus and guidelines that they use to meet needs inside and outside the church family.  There will be times when the two teams work together.

  • Will I hear of ways the Dollar Club is making a difference? Absolutely!  We want to celebrate together.  Every month we will highlight ways the Dollar Club is making a difference.

Does someone you know have a need?   Fill out the request form below.

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